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Here is a selection of our most prestigious fabrics for you to compose the cuttest made-to-order garments
from our online boutique for your flower girls and page boys.
More fabrics are available for our bespoke range. Please contact us for details

Embroidered taffetas

Ivory taffeta embroidered with pink flowersGold taffeta with small fuchsia flowers (ref B32)
Ivory taffeta with pink/purple flowers (ref 42-)

Gold taffeta with
small fuchsia flowers
(ref B32)


Salmon pink taffeta with lilies ref F57Ivory taffeta with dragonflies (ref F42)

Salmon pink taffeta
with lilies (ref F57)

Ivory taffeta with
dragonflies (ref F42)


Plain taffetas

White taffeta (Ref T41W)White taffeta (Ref T41W)
White taffeta
(Ref T41W)
Off-White taffeta
(Ref T41)

Ivory taffetaPowder pink taffeta B48
Ivory taffeta
(ref T42)

Please kindly note our ivory is more like a cream really. The closest to standard ivory is our off white taffeta T41. Thank you.

Powder Pink taffeta
(Ref B48)

Pale purple taffeta (Ref T35)Purple taffeta (Ref T55)
Pale purple taffeta
(Ref T35)
Purple taffeta
(Ref T55)

Old pink taffeta (Ref T49)Fuchsia taffeta (Ref T76)
Old pink taffeta
(Ref T49)
Fuchsia taffeta
(Ref T76)

Rapsberry taffeta B112Salmon pink taffeta (Ref T57)
Rapsberry taffeta
(Ref B112)
Salmon pink taffeta
(Ref T57)

Citrus green taffeta B73Pale green taffeta (ref T23)
Citrus green  taffeta
(Ref B73)
Pale green taffeta
(ref T23)

Sage green taffeta
Sage green taffeta
(ref B98)

Green taffeta (Ref T16)Silver taffeta B103
Green taffeta
(Ref T16)
Silver taffeta
(ref B103)

Lavender taffeta (Ref B123)Pale blue taffeta (Ref T24)
Lavender taffeta
(Ref B123)
Pale blue taffeta
(Ref T24)

Night blue taffeta (Ref T22)Dark burgundy red taffeta (Ref T15)
Night blue taffeta
(Ref T22)
Dark burgundy red taffeta
(Ref T15)

Dupion silk :

Pale grey silk (T80-928)
Pale grey Dupion Silk (T80-4009)

Cotton :

   - white cotton

   - ivory cotton